Video Summary on How to Make Money Online with WordPress, Affiliate Marketing & AdSense

This article will be a summary of the 3 most important things that you need to know if you want to start making money online.

  • WordPress
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • AdSense

There are multiple ways to earn money online, the most effective and most common way is to build a website and make sure that this website will generate income. WordPress, affiliate marketing and adsense, are one of the most common ingredients to build an online business in 2019 and for the years to come.

For an overview, WordPress is a tool that enables you to build a website or a blog without coding. Affiliate Marketing on the other hand, together with AdSense are ways in which you can monetize your website or blog. Below are videos explaining all three to have a quick understanding of the system that bloggers and website owners used to earn money online.

1. WordPress Explained

WordPress is designed for non-developers to build a website without coding skills. To build a website from scratch, one must understand how to use the following languages,

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript or jQuery
  • PHP/Ruby/Perl/JavaScript and
  • MySQL

With WordPress, anyone can build a website within minutes without a single knowledge of the above languages.

Here’s a Step-by-step Guide in Building a WordPress Website (From Start to Deployment).

WordPress however, is not the only way to easily build a website. Other alternatives to WordPress includes Wix, Joomla, and Drupal. You can even create a free website on, however, there some limitations. Building your own website with your own domain name and hosting provider is a must if you want to create an online business that thrives. That is why most of the websites are built on WordPress.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and effective way bloggers used to monetize their websites. Some of the most popular affiliate programs on the internet today are,

  • Amazon Associates
  • Clickbank affiliate program
  • eBay affiliate program

Integrating an affiliate program to a website or a blog can be potentially and financially rewarding.  If done right, affiliate marketing can transform a website or blog into an online business that generates income passively, meaning, even if you stop working with your blog, you can still earn money as long as there is enough quality traffic going into the website or blog, that is because, the internet is always active.

3. AdSense

AdSense, like affiliate marketing, is another way of monetizing a website or blog. AdSense is a program from Google to help website owners and bloggers to generate income by partnering with them in placing relevant ads on their websites. Every time a site visitor sees and clicks the ad, Google will pay the website owner or blogger from the website from which visitor has clicked the ad.

The cost per click or the amount of money that Google pays to the advertiser or the website/blog owner is not so big, however, a website that has thousands of visitors every day can generate enough money to build wealth from the ad clicks. That is why integrating AdSense and other advertising programs to a website or a blog is another effective way to earn money online.


To summarize, here are the simple steps to build an online business that can generate income passively,

  1. Build a website/blog (use WordPress to build a website easily)
  2. Create and populate the website/blog with lots of useful articles.
  3. Integrate a monetization method (Affiliate Marketing or AdSense)
  4. Continue providing useful articles to your website and watch your income grow.

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