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Privacy Policy

In some cases, we will require our readers to give us their email addresses and other personal information (resumes and alike) . We can do this if you sign-up with our newsletter, contact us via our contact page and avail our Free Recommendations for your Online Business service. We will use this personal information to give our readers access to other information from the website to better help them learn how to make money online and build online businesses. This personal information is kept on a secure system. We will not use this personal information other than to provide a better experience for our readers, we will not give this information to any parties outside However, in the event that authorities require us to provide this information, are obliged by law to grant the authorities access to the site visitor’s personal information.

Disclaimer is a free online source of information on how to make money online and build online businesses. Our authors will introduce some products and services related to web hosting, web development, and freelancing. If our readers decided to purchase those products or services, will receive a small portion of those sales to keep the website running. These products and services, however, are not controlled and owned by and is therefore not liable for any problems and issues that may arise after our readers purchase those products or services. What we do is to help individuals select the best possible products and services based on our opinion and experiences. Our readers will always have the freedom to choose which product or services he/she will going to use.