Introduction to Blogging: Why Bloggers Get Rich

Today, when asked about the question “What is blogging?”, everyone on the internet has an answer. According to Internet World Stats, the cyberspace has grown at an exponential rate from 16 million users in 1995 to 4.1 billion users today.

With the growth of internet users comes the growth of the number of websites. According to Business Insider, there are about 644 million active websites today. There is no doubt that the internet has become an integral part of society. Because of this, the internet has opened doors to millions of people around the world to make a living online and even build massive wealth through the internet.

But behind these numbers, not all people understand, why do blogs make money and why do some bloggers get rich. Why do some people who own a blog or a website achieved financial success that they can even afford to travel anytime & anywhere around the world?

This article will discuss the reasons why people are getting rich using the internet. This article will outline all the things you need to know why the internet & blogging has become one of the most effective platforms in building wealth.


  • What is Blogging?
  • How do blogs make money?
  • How much money do bloggers make?
  • Who can run a blog?
  •  How much money do you need to run a blog? Is it free?
  • What are the factors that make a financially successful blog/website?
  • (The Answer) Can blogging make you rich?

What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply, sharing what you love doing – your hobby, your interest & your expertise with the use of the tools that are available on the internet (Content Management Systems like WordPress, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) on a regular basis. Blogging can come in many forms – articles, videos, images & audio files.

So why do people bother sharing the things they love? why do people spend time and energy blogging? The reason can be as simple as – they love sharing, they want to help other people with the same interest as them, and they want to make money online.

Throughout the years, blogging has transformed into a more sophisticated way of sharing knowledge with more features and useful information to cater to the needs of the people with the same interest as the blogger itself.

Most of the financially successful bloggers start with the primary reason of just sharing what they love and helping other people solve their problems. To give you some ideas, here are some examples of blogs that you can find on the internet with some of its articles listed below.

Blog Topic: WordPress


Sample Articles:

Blog Topic: Travel


Sample Articles:

Blog Topic: Cooking


Sample Articles:

You can use whatever platform to start blogging, you can use your own Facebook, Twitter & YouTube account. However, most bloggers build their own website using WordPress to have flexibility and effectively monetized their blogs.

How do blogs make money

A blog can make money in multiple ways. The four most common are the following.

  • Ads
  • Online Affiliate Marketing
  • Services
  • Products


Ad or advertisement is the most direct way a blog or a website can make money. Here’s how an ad works.

  1. The blog or site owner places an ad on one of his/her blog
  2. A blog visitor sees the ad and clicks it,
  3. The blog or site owner gets paid for every click on the ad.

In actual conditions, only a percentage of the blog/website visitors are interested enough to click any ads that are placed on a blog page. The amount of clicks is directly proportional to the website’s traffic & the relevance of the ad to the content of the blog, meaning, the larger the traffic, the more money the site will be making.

That is why in order to generate a substantial income blogging, increasing the traffic is the blogger’s number one priority.

Another very powerful way that a blogger use to make money through their websites is by doing online affiliate marketing.

Online Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people’s product on your website and earning a commission for every purchase made by a blog visitor. Here’s how it works.

1st, the blog or website owner registers to an online affiliate program, example of these are the Amazon Affiliate Program & Lazada’s Affiliate Program. (Amazon & Lazada are online retail stores.)

After registering to an affiliate program, the blog/website owner will then be given affiliate links in the form of text and images that will be used to display the products of a particular online store to their own website.

Every time a blog/website visitor clicks the affiliate link, the visitor will be directed to the actual product page, a page from the online store of the affiliate program (Amazon or Lazada).

Here, the blog visitor has become a potential buyer. When the visitor makes a purchase through the product’s website, the owner of the blog from which the visitor has clicked the affiliate link will be given a commission, usually a percentage of the product’s price.

The affiliate links are being tracked in such a way that the affiliate program or the product owner will know who and from what website did the buyer or the customer came from. This will enable them to know where or to whom the commission should be awarded.

Commission rates depend on the product’s price and the affiliate program itself. According to, intermediate affiliate marketers earn $300/Day up to $3000/Day all depending on the site’s traffic & niche.

Selling Services

Depending on the niche, some blogs can be monetized by offering services that are closely related to the blogger’s skills, profession, and expertise. Here are some blog ideas that can be monetized by offering services based on the blogger’s profession.

  • Profession: Nurse
  • Niche: Medical solutions to any type of sickness
  • Services to offer: Online medical consultation
  • Profession: Civil Engineer
  • Niche: Design & estimation of buildings
  • Services to offer: Engineering Design & Layout
  • Profession: English Teacher
  • Niche: –
  • Services to offer: Editing and proofreading

If you’re a professional with years of experience in a specific field, creating a blog and incorporating a service as a form of monetization method can be potentially rewarding – financially. The good thing about blogging is that it can be done on a part-time basis especially to people with full-time jobs.

Effectively showing the blogger’s profession & experience will add authority to the website. People will also most likely to trust blogs when the actual names of the authors are being shown.

Selling Products

Blogging can also be a very effective way to sell products online. Like affiliate marketing, in order to generate a substantial income, the blog has to have a high volume of traffic.

You can sell physical or digital products on your blog. Using a WordPress plugin called WooCommerce, you can easily add an online store functionality to your blog complete with a product page, a shopping cart, and a checkout page. Here’s a quick view of how this plugin can help you sell products online.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions on the internet today. Another great thing about WooCommerce is that it’s free.

Most bloggers use multiple ways to monetize their websites. In order to sell effectively, the products should also be related to the blog’s niche.

The point is, if you want to sell your own products on your blog, you can simply do it by installing a plugin called WooCommerce on your WordPress website. The WooCommerce plugin is just one of the thousands of plugins that you can use to monetize your WordPress blog/website.

How much money do bloggers make?

So how much money does a blog actually makes? Is it worth the effort? According to, some blogs have monthly earnings of $10 & others earn $10000/month. The figures can really vary depending on multiple factors like – blog niche, blog age, the author’s or blogger’s skill and the industry.

A quick way to know how much do bloggers make is by simply scanning the internet. The following are blogs who revealed their income for the purpose of helping & inspiring others.

These blogs are just a few of the thousands or even millions of blogs around the world that makes enough income to build wealth. These blogs use multiple ways to make money.

Some of these blogs start with just a simple reason of just sharing the blogger’s interest & expertise. As time pass by, the traffic starts to grow until they are making substantial income and prompt the authors to transform their blogging hobby into a full-time business.

Who can run a blog?

Anyone can run a blog. Anyone who can read and write can run a blog. People with or without experience building websites can run a blog, people with no work or degree can run a blog.

You can start blogging on a part-time basis if you have a full-time job. In fact, it is recommended to start a blog if you’re a professional with a full-time job as it not only grow your knowledge but also help you establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Building and running a blog does not require technical skills in web development. WordPress and other content management system (CMS) is readily available on the internet today and are free to download. To start a blog, you will only need four things,

  1. an internet connection
  2. a medium/tool/CMS (WordPress)
  3. a hosting service
  4. something to share. (a hobby, an interest, expertise)

If you have an expertise, a hobby, a skill that you know many people will be happy to learn from you, starting a blog will be your best decision if you want to earn money online and do the things you love.

How much money do you need to run a blog? Is it free?

You can actually create a free website for your blog. There are many resources on the internet that lets you create a website for free. However, most of these resources are not designed to transform your blog into a money generating asset.

Most of these free tools for blogging will not allow you to post ads, that is why earning from ads is impossible if you want to start your blog on these platforms. If you want to make money blogging, you will need some initial investment in setting up your blog.

I highly recommend starting a blog using WordPress. The reason is simple, WordPress is basically the most common and well known CMS on the internet today. According to, more than 25% of the website on the internet today run on WordPress.

$1.00/mo* Trust your web hosting to the #1 web host provider, GoDaddy!

Yes, you can start a blog for free, but if you want to make serious money by through ads and doing affiliate marketing, you will need to have complete control of your blog/website. And the only way to do that is to build your own WordPress website.

Building your blog using a CMS like WordPress will enable you to design the website in such a way that it will support whatever monetization methods that you will be using.

So how much does a WordPress website cost?

First, you have to build your website offline, you will only need to download the WordPress files from – and its free. Here is a detailed guide on how to build your WordPress website offline.

After building the WordPress website offline, you have to transfer the files on a live server. Here you will need a hosting and a domain name. If you’re purchasing a hosting service, usually, the domain name comes along with the hosting service.

For a starter website, I recommend Inmotion Hosting’s business hosting (Launch). The price as of this writing is $7.46/month, you can check the latest price here. The hosting plan can support two WordPress website with a free domain registration for one year.

To summarize, the cost of setting up a WordPress website is,

  • Hosting: business hosting (Launch) 7.46/month ($89.52/year)
  • Domain: Free for the 1st year of the Plan – 14.99/year for the 2nd year
  • WordPress: Free to download

The WordPress files from comes with a free default theme, however, you can buy premium WordPress theme here Here are some of the premium themes that I recommend for 1st-gtime bloggers.

themeforest premium theme sample comet

What are the factors that make a financially successful blog/website?

Building your blog and putting in some content/articles will not guarantee that you will be able to earn money online. A blog requires multiple factors to be financially successful.

Time & Energy spent on Blog

The time & energy spent on your blog is what makes your blog grow in traffic and in income. The more you spent time blogging and updating its content, the more traffic you will receive, and the more traffic you’ll have, the more money your blog will make provided that you have made an effective monetization strategy (ad & affiliate link placement).

For part-time bloggers, regularly updating your blog is very important if you want to grow its traffic and income. The challenge is how to budget your time if you have a full-time job. The key is time management. Any kind of business requires effective time management, and running a blog is not an exemption.

Blog Niche

Another important factor for a financially successful blog is the niche. Some niches offer a larger cost per click. If you want to decide what niche your blog should have in order to earn more money in ads, you have to know the cost per click (CPC) of the niche.

Here are some niches with its corresponding CPC.

Image from (

For affiliate marketing, the niche should be analyzed if it’s monetizable or not. Answering the questions like

  • “What products can I promote that are closely related to my topic?” and
  • “How much commission does my product niche offers?”

is very important if you want to make affiliate marketing your main source of income. Here are some example of blog niches and the products that you can promote.

  • Photography: Cameras & accessories
  • WordPress: Hosting Services, Premium Themes, Domain Registration
  • Hiking: Tents, bags, travel accessories
  • eSports: Gaming computers & laptops, mouse, headphones
  • Fashion: shoes, shirts, jeans & other clothing

It is important to remember that affiliate commissions are directly proportional to the product’s price. That is why choosing your niche will be a critical factor in the profitability of your blog.

Monetization Method & Relevance

What are the ways does your website or blog makes money? How relevant is the blog niche to the services & products being promoted? Answering these questions is very important if you want to make serious money blogging.

The income from ads mainly depends on the niche/industry and the relevance to the blog content. Example, if a blog article is about “How to be a professional Photographer”, then the ads should be about products related to photography, this will increase the chance of ad click per visitor.

For affiliate marketing, providing valuable & helpful content is very important to effectively promote your affiliate products. Strategically positioning your affiliate links to help your audience decide where & what to buy at the same time influence the reader’s decision is very important in order to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Whatever monetization methods, techniques & strategies a blog has, traffic & relevance will still be the most factors that will influence the financial status of any online business. An effective choice of monetization method and implementing the right strategies will also be a critical factor for any bloggers to achieve financial success in blogging.

(The Answer) Can blogging make you rich?


It is one of the internet’s most effective way to earn money online, and like any other businesses or ways to be financially successful, it requires hard work. (That is why if hard work is not your thing, stop dreaming to be rich).

However, doing hard work will not guarantee you an online financial success. It is working smart & hard that will dramatically increase your chances of success.

The secret is to stay motivated until you achieve your goal, is TO DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE. Doing the things you love will help you survive the hard times especially those times when you’re putting a lot of effort & energy and yet you feel you’re not going anywhere.

By understanding & implementing all the points above, starting your own blog will give you unlimited potential financially.

To start blogging, ask yourself,

  • What are the things that interest you the most? What is your passion? Hobbies?
  • Are those hobbies monetizable? How can you make money sharing those things?

The next thing to do is to build your WordPress website. Here’s a detailed guide on how to build a WordPress website for your blog.

Blogging is not a stand-alone business, you can invite your friends to start a blogging project and plan together on how to earn money online through group blogs.